Organize sequence diagram with model

This tutorial is aimed to introduce the use of Model for organizing sequence diagrams, which makes the project content easier to read and manage. By reading this tutorial, you will know how to create model, create diagram under model and add

September 23, 2009
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To create voice documentation:
  1. Create a new project.
  2. Open the Model Explorer.
    open model explorer
  3. There are several default models for creation. Right click on the explorer pane and select Model > Analysis Model from the popup menu to create an analysis model.
    create analysis model
  4. Create another model without using the defaults. Right click on the explorer pane again and select Model > New Model... from the popup menu.
    new model
  5. In the Model specification, enter Interaction Model as name. Click OK to confirm.
    new analysis model
  6. Create a sequence diagram under the domain model by right clicking on Analysis Model, and selecting Diagram > UML Diagram > Sequence Diagram from the popup menu.
    new sequence diagram under analysis diagram
  7. Create another sequence diagram. This time, click on the sequence diagram toolbar button button in toolbar. Diagram created in this approach will put at root (won't show in Model Explorer).
  8. Create several lifelines in diagram.
    create lifelines
  9. In Model Explorer, move the new diagram to under Interaction Model by right clicking on Interaction Model, and selecting Diagram > Add Existing Diagram... from the popup menu.
    add existing diagram
  10. In the Add Sub Diagrams dialog box, select Sequence Diagram1. Click OK.
    add sub diagram
    Diagram and the lifelines are all moved to Interaction Model.
    diagram moved

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