1. Fully Featured with Wide Range of Modeling Languages Support

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    We provide all-in-one software and system development tools for end-to-end information technology system modeling. Our products can run on all O/S (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc). We aid enterprise architects by supporting the modeling of business processes and operations, capturing enterprise vision and scope, documenting rules and presenting relationships between artifacts with tools like ArchiMate, Zachman Framework. We also support SysML modeling, UML with source code generation/reversal, database engineering, etc.

  2. Enterprise-Scale Project Support

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    Our products are designed to be highly scalable. Over versions, we have been augmented with performance improvements to support larger and larger project size. Cutting-edge techniques have been applied to better utilize memory and system resources. Our products were tested from time to time with project samples collected from our customers and partners with many of them in enterprise-scale, consisting of more than hundreds or even thousands of complete diagrams.

  3. Adapts to Latest Market Trends

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    In today's dynamic and ever changing business environment, new technologies keep coming. To build software products that meet latest market trends, it is essential to use software development tools that support latest methodologies and standards. Visual Paradigm react promptly to the fast-changing world. Our track record has proven that we are able to deliver software products and solutions that adopts the latest industry innovations, standards, software development trends and working practices.

  4. Highly Dedicated and Motivated Team to Back You Up

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    If your services or products are not unique in the market, why would people choose you? We understand that uniqueness is essential so we endeavor to work with you to address your unique needs and goals.
    Over the past years, we have built strong bonding with our customers. Many of our features were suggested by our customers. At Visual Paradigm, we measure our success through your success.

  5. Robust Team Collaboration

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    We realize that as a business strong relationships among people are necessary for the successful delivery of quality projects. Visual Paradigm's proven teaming approach ensures that you are able to deliver your work with the best quality, regardless of the size of your team and the location of team members.

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  6. Save Money

    Visual Paradigm, the all-in-one software development product costs only US $1,399.0 (without maintenance included). Purchasing five or more licenses will be offered volume discount. The more you purchase, the larger the discount.

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  7. Evaluation

    You can try Visual Paradigm by downloading an evaluation copy at our download page. If have questions about our products or pricing, please feel free to contact us.

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