Agilian 10.1 Release Notes

Release Date: January 21, 2013

Supported PostMania in client products

Chat with the analysts, designers, software developers or whoever in your team directly inside Agilian, right in a diagram. PostMania, a private social networking platform designed for software development team. It enables team members to post and reply discussions specifically to a diagram or a shape.

Supported decision table diagram

Represent enterprise level business rules or company policies using decision table diagram. To facilitate decision making, the decision table diagram allows you to record possible conditions, their combinations with respect to the action to take upon. For example, an airline can use the decision table to represent their discount policy, by recording the various situations as conditions (Frequent flyers? Early purchase? A package deal?), and showing the amount of discount available for different combination of conditions.

Up to 50% faster when open project when the project set involves a large amount of referenced projects

Good news for users who use the feature of project reference intensively. The time you need to open project file has been reduced significantly. The effect is more obvious when there are a large amount of referenced project files.

Improved the performance of general diagram editing for large project

Creating, editing, deleting shapes, etc. Performance has been improved for most of the general editing actions you can perform in the diagram editor.

Supported ArchiMate 2.0 notations

Perform enterprise architecture modeling with ArchiMate. The fixes, corrections and improvements issued in ArchiMate 2.0 have all been supported. The most important changes are the support of the Motivation extension and the Implementation and Migration extension.

Changed the way project status is retrieved in the Teamwork Client window

The "Status" field in the Teamwork Client window is used to tell you whether the local project has been modified, when comparing to the server copy. We have re-developed the way "Status" is evaluated, which speed up the loading of content presented in Teamwork Client.

Supported committing/updating multiple projects to/from server

Another demanding feature of team collaboration - You can now commit and update multiple project files at a time, through the Teamwork Client window. This enhancement is particularly useful if you are working with a large amount of referenced projects. From now on, you can save time by having all of them updated at once, instead of updating each of them individually and manually.

Improved the presentation of chart and matrix

The improvement is mainly about the appearance of grid. The ultimate goal is to make the separation of rows and columns more noticeable.

Improved the presentation of grid

Similar to the improvement made in chart and matrix, as described above. We again tried to improve the appearance of grid content to make the separation of rows and columns more noticeable.

Change the default font size of documentation editor to follow that of shape

In the past, despite having the same font size set for a shape and its documentation, the visual appearance are different - with the documentation text looks slightly bigger than shape. Starting from this version, they are made consistent with each other.

Change to show "HTML" as cascade menu instead of drop down menu

You can select the type of content to present in the documentation editor - HTML/HTML Source/Plain Text. This was controlled by a drop down menu at the top left of editor. But from now on, it is controlled by the popup menu that appears when you right click in the documentation editor.

Supported adding diagram to model element's documentation as link

When editing documentation, it is possible to add a link that points to another model element. From now on, this function is extended to cover diagram. In other words, you can add a model element link as well as diagram link.

Supported Find in documentation pane

The Find feature is no longer limited to project-based searching. Starting from this version, you can use the "Find" feature right inside the documentation editor.

Supported Paste and Paste without formats in documentation pane

A direct pasting from external source to documentation often bring along hidden characters that affects the stability of document or the quality of generated report. From now on, you can use the "Paste without formats" function to paste by getting rid of the formatting attributes that bring along the copied content.

Unified the styles of some windows and dialog boxes

We have corrected some of the inconsistency about the look and feel of UI components.

Supported Windows title bar on Mac

Enhanced sub-diagram navigation

The sub-diagram popup menu is re-designed to make it easier to navigate. Preview of sub-diagram is presented when you are approaching a menu of sub-diagram.

Supported stereotypes and tagged values for UI elements

Stereotype can be used to represent that a model element a-kind-of something, and that "something" is what we called a stereotype. An <<API>> (<< and >> is the textual representation of stereotype) class represents an API class, while a <<critical>> use case stands for a use case that require immediate attention. Starting from this version, you can define your own stereotypes and apply them on components in User Interface diagram.

Supported opening from diagram the shape that reference it

You can explain or elaborate a model element by adding relevant diagrams to it as references. From now on, you can open in diagram the shape that references it, through accessing the quick link at the top left corner of diagram. This allows you to instantly jump between the source and target of reference.

Made plug-in able to retrieve the 'from' end of a connector

The method getFrom() available for connector was unable to retrieve the correct element when the from end is a connector. From this version onwards, we have made it able to retrieve the connector by calling getFrom().

Supported primitive shape presentation

In addition to the standard appearance of notations (e.g. stickman for actor, box for class, oval for use case, etc), here you have one more option - the primitive option. The primitive option enables you to present any kind of shape as simple rectangle/oval/rounded rectangle shape. You can specify custom text to such "primitive shape", which is particular useful for modeling for general-purposes. A sample use would be to present an actor that represents a computer as a rectangle, and then describe its role with custom text and have it presented on diagram.

Supported class and entity members in report composer

You can write Report Composer templates for attribute and operation of class, and column of entity. And of course, you can form and export reports with your own templates.

Supported showing image and its header on same page in PDF report exported from Report Composer

To ensure that the header and image are shown in the same page in PDF report exported from Report Composer, you can edit the template that shows the image by adding the attribute keepWithPreviousInPDF="true" in the ElementImage element.

  • Supported reading external template folder for Report Composer
  • Supported visualizing association class from association
  • Supported adjusting maximum memory in About window
  • Supported transiting to class members of class in referenced project
  • Supported getElementFont() for IShapeUIModel in plug-in
  • Supported importing/exporting BPMN 2.0 XML extensionElements as tagged value
  • Supported showing table header repeatedly in report composer
  • Supported creation/deletion of multiple rows/columns in tables in documentation editor
  • Supported using documentation template from reference project
  • Filled background and drew border for focusing number in flow of events editor
  • Updated Polish language file
  • Added Retry button in floating license server configuration screen
  • Improved the checking of lock releasing
  • Improved several screens related to changing license
  • Improved error messages shown when failed to perform refactoring
  • Improved the rendering of curve connector when it is in straight line
  • Fixed documentation content crashed, related to the use of HTML list
  • Fixed attribute/operation/parameter's transition information do not show in exported Excel
  • Fixed bad partition header when commit after using sweeper
  • Fixed pressing Shift-Tab in front of a list item in documentation pane may cause the list crashed
  • Fixed setting color to text in textual analysis doesn't cause project modified
  • Fixed problematic shape movement behavior in activity diagram, when having swimlane put at the top left of diagram
  • Fixed image in documentation not show up after duplicate element from reference project
  • Fixed viewer edition wrongly allowed updating TW project
  • Fixed unclear event number in flow of events editor
  • Fixed Textual Analysis doesn't underline words with spelling mistake
  • Fixed merging from branch may cause attributes be deleted
  • Fixed the Find function doesn't support case in-sensitivity
  • Fixed bad font for text in documentation, when cleared formats
  • Fixed 64-bit installation unable to perform "Copy to Clipboard as EMF"
  • Fixed exception throw when create control operator activity
  • Fixed floating license does not work on Eclipse STS
  • Fixed unable to render images in flow of events in Print window
  • Fixed unable to sort classifier in attribute tab of class
  • Fixed removing In-Message doesn't remove Out-Message when both are using the same message
  • Fixed undo duplicating multiple columns does not update entity size
  • Fixed broken model caused by the use of referenced project data of referenced project
  • Fixed documentation pane crashed when re-enable
  • Fixed a performance issue related to Excel importing
  • Fixed association class is always created in project root level
  • Fixed corrupted activity diagram caused by the use of sweeper
  • Fixed resize of free hand shape does not snap to grid
  • Fixed when add properties, the last property sometimes disappears (SysML)
  • Fixed unable to revert modification of Teamwork File
  • Fixed unable to use https in floating license server
  • Fixed resolving conflicts related to connector may dislocate shape caption
  • Fixed magnet push shapes instead of attracting shape (case specific)
  • Fixed magnet cause broken swimlane partition
  • Fixed user-defined tag unexpectedly created due to the use of referenced project data of referenced project
  • Fixed missing 'Term' selection when try to create matrix with diagram as scope
  • Fixed unable to create project in Perforce when project name contain space and create in new folder
  • Fixed strange label prefix show in Excel exported from glossary
  • Fixed bad label background in report generation window
  • Fixed connector end float in the air after dragging
  • Fixed incorrect angle of message arrow when cleared all turning points on a connector
  • Fixed a large number of undo action is produced when creating recursive message
  • Fixed reference of diagram not generated in report
  • Fixed revert revision ask me save current project
  • Fixed sorting in report diagram template in IterationBlock not working
  • Fixed shape reference lost if the shape comes from referenced project
  • Fixed commit window show forever when perform commit during the server is down
  • Fixed unable to start product when import a lower edition license after the expiry of evaluation
  • Fixed a problem of not showing diagram content (project specific)
  • Fixed newly added tagged values put at wrong position when reopen spec
  • Fixed unable to delete bullet points in documentation
  • Fixed unable to create part & property if composite structure diagram is a sub-diagram of class
  • Fixed several issues related to the use of "Delete" and "Backspace" key in documentation editor
  • Fixed wrong freehand connector end position after moving connected shape and committing
  • Fixed unable to open project file from network location on Mac
  • Fixed an issue related to committing to ClearCase
  • Fixed commit project loss documentation (Case specific)
  • Fixed unable to commit changes to the presentation options of a component
  • Fixed Logical View being duplicated after commit
  • Fixed missing "Relationship" when create BusinessObject from BusinessRole's generic resource centric