DB Visual ARCHITECT 3.1 SP2 Release Notes

Release Date: April 24, 2006

On-demand Instant Reverse Engineering

Instant Reverse is enhanced to support Java 1.5 syntax. It also supports reverse engineer on Java Archive (JAR) file format of Java class files and Zip file format of Java source files. In order to let you reverse engineer on specific sources, you can selected them for Reverse source on demand.


The grouping feature allows you to organize shapes in group, so you can manipulate related shapes together (select, deselect, move, align and resize) more easily. Groups can be formed on shapes, and you can even form a new group on top of existing groups.

Group Selection Resources

When editing a diagram, you can take advantage of group selection resources to help you align or distribute selected shapes more efficiently.

Model Comment

Model comment is a handy yet powerful utility for adding notes to model elements and diagrams. You can attach comments to interested elements for review or discussion purpose, and they can be read by other team members as well. By accumulating and sharing the comments of the team, a better traceability of software/process modeling and a more effective communication can be easily achieved.

Duplicating Shape and Model

Besides standard copy and paste, Visual Paradigm's visual modeling added the duplicate facility so you can duplicate a shape or model in just one step.

Shape Selectable

While direct manipulation of diagram elements has become a must-have in all contemporary visual modeling tools, it would really be a drawback when all diagram elements are editable even when you don't want them to be. The selectable option is thus introduced so you can make certain diagram elements read-only and focus on only the interested ones.

Lock Diagram

The lock diagram feature lets you lock a diagram instantly, preventing modifying of existing content or adding of new diagram elements.

Specifying Decimal Places of the DB Type

The data type specifies what type of data the column can hold. You also can specify a maximum for some columns. For example varchar(length) , it holds a fixed length string and the fixed size can specified in parenthesis. For decimal (precision, scale), it hold number with fractions. The maximum numbers of digits are specified in "precision". The maximum number of digits to the right of the decimal is specified in "scale". The DB Visual Architect (DB-VA) support configure the "length", "precision", "scale" for different kind of data type in Entity Relationship Diagram's (ER Diagram) column.

Add Jump To Feature to Published Project

In VP Suite 2.2 Service Pack 2, several enhancements are made to the Web content published by the Project Publisher. The enhancements are aimed to provide an easier way to locate models on a diagram (image), and to enrich the content of Entity Relationship Diagram page.

Generate Getter/Setter with Different Visiblity

DB Visual ARCHITECT(DB-VA) generates properties (Getter/Setter) for each attribute for ORM-Persistable class. By default, the property visibility is generated as public and you can change the property visibility by following the attribute model's visibility. In this article, you will learn how to change the generation option for property visibility, either Public or Follow attribute.

Generate SQL from ERD

DB Visual ARCHITECT (DB-VA) provides the Generate SQL function on the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). The Generate SQL function generates different kinds of SQL statements for entities and relationships. It not only generates SQL statement, but also allows you to modify the generated SQL statement and directly execute the statements on the connected database at once. The MySQL 5.0 database server is used for demonstration.

JDBC form for Setting the Connection URL

The Connection URL is important information for generating persistable code and setting file to interactive with database in DB Visual Architect (DB-VA). The Connection URL contains many different kind of information for connect with database such as hostname, port number, database name, service name etc.... On the other hand, different database may have different Connection URL format then user will type wrong format easily. The DB-VA provide the Connection URL Form for each database, user can follow the field to type in information therefore it can reduce the format and type error.

Support Default Value in Generating and Reversing DB Schema

When editing ERD, you can specify the default value for each column in Entity. This default value will be set for the specified column when an insert is performed but this column's value is not set. In the following example, we will demonstrate how to set the column's default value and export database schema to MySQL database server.

  • Missing file filter for BMP image
  • Unable to insert table in note
  • Direction arrow never updates
  • Unable to number multiple lines in documentation pane
  • Missing table parameter in table per subclass
  • Selected optional jars not exported
  • No checking for duplicated role name
  • Unnecessary uniqueness definition for primary key
  • Missing type modifier in ORM Implementation classes
  • Unable to reverse HSQLDB with sequence
  • "Quote SQL identifier" option for Copy SQL not being applied
  • Unable to start the Report Writer in DBVA for NetBeans
  • Project Publisher do not support non-English content
  • Models are duplicated when importing the same XMI twice
  • Incorrect XMI ID
  • Unable to show the GUI with the translated text
  • Memory issue related to diagram exporting
  • Error printing unsupported UML diagrams in DB-VA
  • Print exceed printer margin
  • Generate meta attributes to the mapping file
  • Reverse DB Synonyms support
  • Several new popup menu items
  • HSQLDB and Derby relative path support
  • HSQLDB and Derby sample files
  • Aggregation & Composition
  • Locking support for collection
  • ERD layout algorithm
  • DBVA-NB default pane location
  • DBVA-NB shows tooltip on panes
  • DBVA-IJ read-only file handling
  • Getting DiagramUIModel and ModelElement array from project
  • Support auto layout for DiagramUIModel
  • Error messages