DB Visual ARCHITECT 3.2 Release Notes

Release Date: June 25, 2006

Stereotyped Element Appearance

With the configurable stereotype appearance including fill, line and font, stereotyped elements can be easily distinguished and emphasized in the diagram.

Model-base artifact reference

References allow you to add resources include files and URLs that you want to associated with a model. After you have added the references, you can open them in the tool with the default application/web browser whenever you need them.

Stored Procedure

Stored procedure is a program which is physically stored within a database. All the databases support by DBVA also supports the stored procedure. Different database have different syntax to create stored procedure. In the following example, we will use the MySQL to create the stored procedure, reverse by DBVA and then call stored procedure by generate program.

Interoperability via XML

To maximize the interoperability of Visual Paradigm products with other applications, we have introduced the import/export of modeling project to/from open XML format. Users and technology providers can thus integrate Visual Paradigm models into their solutions with minimal effort.

New File and Directory Chooser

In the new version of VP Suite, a new user interface for choosing directories is added and file chooser is enhanced. The new Directory Chooser and Enhanced File Chooser also used to help you get directories and files quicker and easier.

Foreign Key Name Mapping

The Foreign Key Name Mapping feature can help you to update the foreign key column name according to Foreign Key Pattern, it include Relationship name and referenced table information (foreign table and foreign primary key column name) in the Entity Relationship Diagram.

Enhanced Floating License Server

Starts from VP Suite 2.3, our floating license server is further enhanced to make it easier to manage and offer users more flexibilities that ever before.

Showing Relationships

In modeling class diagrams, various kinds of relationships - association, generalization, realization, dependency and containment are very important when studying the relationships among classes. To let you visualize interested relationships easier, Visual Paradigm provides handy waVisual Paradigmelationships in diagram.

Database Constraint Name

In the Entity Relationship Diagram, you can define the constraint name for primary key, unique constraint and check constraint. Using constraint name you can quickly identify and fix any errors and reliably modify or drop constraints.

Attribute Default Value

In the Entity Relationship Diagram, user can specify the default value for each column. The database set default value to the column when a subsequent INSERT statement omits the value for the column.

  • Not all models in diagram with default package specified become children of that package
  • Set stereotypes to attributes/operations only update one element even multiple-selected
  • User-defined display image and display stereotype as icon options not handled when import project
  • Cannot load Layout Perspective
  • On-demand resource classes did not sort
  • Cursor position does not match in Documentation pane
  • Save project takes a very long time if diagram contains nested Diagram Overview shapes
  • No connector created after drag Association Class from Diagram Navigator to diagram
  • Java Instant Reverse was unable to reverse Javadoc comment
  • Instant Reverse may failed to create generalization relationship
  • Name of Java Generic was reversed as Type of a template parameter through Java Instant Reverse
  • Handle extra data type in Instant Reverse of Cobra IDL
  • Generate error JSP code for identifying relationship
  • Incorrect data type reversed from ORM Pane
  • Project Publisher failed to show types or return types correctly
  • Project Publisher showed incorrect table title for Files table
  • Project Publisher showed incorrect table title for Models table
  • Project Publisher showed operations in children table of subsystems
  • Showing wrong navigable property in HTML/PDF report
  • Project Publisher added supports to several models
  • Double-click on a model from tree to open its specification dialog
  • Instant Reverse of Cobra IDL is able to preprocess C directive