Agilian needs to run with a valid license key. The various licensing options listed in this page vary in price and functionality.

Various licensing options

Single seat license

Visual Paradigm's single-seat (team-member-based) license allows a licensee to install the software on a computer that belongs, and provides sole access, to the named user only. Since the license is team-member-based, the software must be used by the licensee only, without running more than one instance concurrently. The single-seat license only allows installation on a maximum of three computers.

Edition Unit price
Unit price (with 1 year maintenance)
Enterprise $999.00 $1195.50
Standard $299.00 $358.50
Viewer Free Not applicable
Price of single seat licenses (Prices are provided in US dollars)

Floating license

The floating license supports sharing of the pool of licenses among your team. Instead of purchasing a single-seat license for each team member, optimize your budget by purchasing floating licenses for the maximum number of simultaneous software users or access points. This approach allows greater flexibility in using our software. Users can then export the license files to a laptop to use the software offsite (to deliver a presentation, for example), and then import the license back to the server at a later time.

Edition Unit price
Unit price (with 1 year maintenance)
Enterprise $1298.50 $1558.00
Standard $388.50 $466.00
Not applicable Not applicable
Price of floating licenses (Prices are provided in US dollars)

In order to work with the floating license, installation of a VP Server that stores the license key file(s) and also automatically manages access requests from clients is required. The client must enable the connection to the license server when requesting access to the software.

For more information about floating licenses, please visit

Subscription license

Edition Unit price (per month)
Enterprise $49.00
Standard $15.00
Not applicable
Price of subscription licenses (Prices are provided in US dollars)

Academic license

Academic licenses are available for higher education, with the aim of providing free site licenses for the teaching of software engineering. Educational institutions that join the Academic Partners Program are entitled to free licenses for the Standard Edition of Visual Paradigm's software, which can then be used solely for educational purposes. The academic license is not limited to use on campus, but can also be used at home by students and teachers.

For more information about academic licenses, please visit

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