Starting Visual Paradigm for UML

Ways of starting Visual Paradigm for UML

VP-UML can be started through accessing the Start menu for Windows 7 or earlier, or Start screen for Windows 8. For Linux users, VP-UML can be started through the shortcuts in desktop, created by the installer.

Starting Visual Paradigm for UML (for floating license client whose host is IP-4-enabled)

If you are a floating license client, and if your host is IP-4 enabled, you need to start VP-UML with a startup script in order to connect to the server. Here are the steps:

  1. Copy VP-UML.bat under the scripts folder of VP Suite installation directory to become Startup.bat
  2. Edit Startup.bat
  3. Add to the script
    Editing the start up script
    Editing the start up script
  4. Save
  5. From now on, execute Startup.bat to run VP-UML

Starting VP-UML the first time

When you start VP-UML the first time, you are asked to select a way to "unlock" VP-UML.

Select a way to unlock VP-UML
Select a way to unlock VP-UML

30 Days FREE Evaluation

If you want to evaluate VP-UML, click this. You will then be asked to select the edition of product to evaluate. VP-UML features vary by product edition. For more details on the features supported by different editions, check the Edition Comparison page. Click on the Evaluate button to confirm your edition selection. Then, you can start your 30 days evaluation.

To evaluate the Enterprise Edition
To evaluate the Enterprise Edition

Perpetual License

If you have purchased a license and you want to unlock VP-UML with it, click this.

There are several ways you can take to import your license key into VP-UML. The first way is to enter the activation code and click Activate. You can obtain the code by visiting your customer account at our Customer Service Center. Alternatively, the licensee should have received our Email notification with activation code included.

The second way is to import the .zvpl license key file by expanding the License Key section and clicking on the button ... to select the key file. Again, you can find the key file in your customer account.

If you are using a floating license, expand the Floating License section, enter the connection settings of the host machine where the license is installed and click Apply.

Subscription Account

If you have subscribed to run VP-UML for certain period of time, click this. Enter the login details of your customer account and click Sign in to continue.

Select workspace

A workspace is a directory used to store all settings, user interface perspectives and other preferences defined for the working environment (settings can be configured via Tools > Application Options... in VP-UML). A workspace also stores all the teamwork login information and local copies of teamwork projects. In the case of switching computers, you simply need to copy the whole workspace directory to the new computer and specify the new workspace when starting VP-UML. All your teamwork information and settings will then be transferred to the new computer.

The Workspace Launcher appear when running VP-UML.

Workspace Launcher

Workspace Launcher

Specify the workspace folder.

If you do not want this dialog box to appear again, check Use this as the default and do not ask again. This will cause VP-UML to open the specified workspace folder automatically the next time.

If you already have an existing workspace, you can import the settings from there by clicking Import Workspace....

Click OK to continue.

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