Logizian (formerly BP-VA) 1.0 SP2 Release Notes

Release Date: April 24, 2006


The grouping feature allows you to organize shapes in group, so you can manipulate related shapes together (select, deselect, move, align and resize) more easily. Groups can be formed on shapes, and you can even form a new group on top of existing groups.

Group Selection Resources

When editing a diagram, you can take advantage of group selection resources to help you align or distribute selected shapes more efficiently.

Model Comment

Model comment is a handy yet powerful utility for adding notes to model elements and diagrams. You can attach comments to interested elements for review or discussion purpose, and they can be read by other team members as well. By accumulating and sharing the comments of the team, a better traceability of software/process modeling and a more effective communication can be easily achieved.

Duplicating Shape and Model

Besides standard copy and paste, Visual Paradigm's visual modeling added the duplicate facility so you can duplicate a shape or model in just one step.

Shape Selectable

While direct manipulation of diagram elements has become a must-have in all contemporary visual modeling tools, it would really be a drawback when all diagram elements are editable even when you don't want them to be. The selectable option is thus introduced so you can make certain diagram elements read-only and focus on only the interested ones.

Lock Diagram

The lock diagram feature lets you lock a diagram instantly, preventing modifying of existing content or adding of new diagram elements.

  • Missing file filter for BMP image
  • Unable to number multiple lines in documentation pane
  • Unable to show the GUI with the translated text
  • Memory issue related to diagram exporting
  • Print exceed printer margin
  • Several new popup menu items
  • Getting DiagramUIModel and ModelElement array from project
  • Support auto layout for DiagramUIModel
  • Error messages