Logizian (formerly BP-VA) 1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: June 25, 2006

Model-base artifact reference

References allow you to add resources include files and URLs that you want to associated with a model. After you have added the references, you can open them in the tool with the default application/web browser whenever you need them.

Interoperability via XML

To maximize the interoperability of Visual Paradigm products with other applications, we have introduced the import/export of modeling project to/from open XML format. Users and technology providers can thus integrate Visual Paradigm models into their solutions with minimal effort.

New File and Directory Chooser

In the new version of VP Suite, a new user interface for choosing directories is added and file chooser is enhanced. The new Directory Chooser and Enhanced File Chooser also used to help you get directories and files quicker and easier.

Enhanced Floating License Server

Starts from VP Suite 2.3, our floating license server is further enhanced to make it easier to manage and offer users more flexibilities that ever before.

  • Cannot load Layout Perspective
  • Cursor position does not match in Documentation pane
  • Save project takes a very long time if diagram contains nested Diagram Overview shapes
  • Sub-Process still shows preview of embedded diagram that is already deleted
  • Project Publisher showed incorrect table title for Files table
  • Project Publisher added supports to several models
  • Double-click on a model from tree to open its specification dialog