Visual Paradigm 11.1 Release Notes

Release Date: Apr 14, 2014

Database View Editor

A database view is the result of a query on the data stored in a database. In version 11.1, we provide a brand new database view editor that allows you to manipulate a database view visually.

PostMania on Android

PostMania is now available on Android! You can now view and comment on diagrams with your Android tablet, using the PostMania Android apps.

Share diagram with clients, via PostMania

Want to share your design with your clients? Try PostMania. Invite your clients to PostMania so that they can view your design online, and post comments accordingly.

Email notifications for events

Keep yourself updated by receiving notification when someone has posted a message to the diagram you followed.

Supported the representation of pointer in wireframes

Show in wireframe the focusing element by showing the mouse pointer.

Supported the representation of finger gesture in wireframes

Show the action required to trigger certain function in a mobile apps, with finger gesture symbol. Finger gesture is available for Android phone wireframe, Android tablet wireframe, iPad wireframe and iPhone wireframe.

Supported attaching Visual Paradigm diagrams when commenting in Tasifier

When you are giving a comment in Tasifier, you can include any diagram in your project as reference. You can include the whole diagram or chop it down into smaller piece through the crop function. Team members can open the diagram directly in the project, when reading your comment.

Supported filtering relationships by stereotype, in Matrix Diagram

Matrix Diagram now support matching row and column with stereotyped relationship.

Supported printing use case notes

Use Case Notes enable you to record the use case -related ideas collected during the meetings with stakeholders. Version 11.1 supports printing Use Case Notes.

Automatically select the opening diagram in Print window

When you open the Print window, the diagram that you are currently editing will be automatically selected for you.

Supported multiple model types in Grid

Model Element can now lists model elements in multiple model element types.

Supported specifying human resources for use cases, via Use Case List

The team members who are involved in a use case can be specified by adding them into the "Human Resources" of that use case, via the Use Case List.

Supported duplicating wireframe

Create a new wireframe by duplicating from an existing one. Note that the child states, if any, will not be duplicated.

Not to create an intermediate class when synchronizing classes from entities with a linked entity in between

Previously, when there is a linked entity between two entities, by synchronizing the ERD to class diagram you will obtain three classes - the source and target class, as well as an intermediate class. In version 11.1, the intermediate class will not be created anymore.

Supported exporting Matrix Diagram as image file

You can export a matrix diagram as image file (JPG, PNG, SVG).

Supported copying Chart Diagram content as image

You can copy a chart diagram to clipboard as image, and to use it in other applications like to embed the image into a document.

Supported exporting Chart Diagram as image file

You can export a chart diagram as image file (JPG, PNG, SVG).

Supported browsing text and video file attachment in Tasifier

Video and text files that are attached to a task in Tasifier can now be opened directly in Tasifier. In other words, you can watch a video directly in Tasifier without having to download it to your machine.

Supported adding other team members as followers of a task

By following a task, you will receive an inbox message when there is an update for that task. Now, you can add also your teammates as followers of a task to let them be notified.

Supported the use of * and ? in of Report Composer Template

The element in Report Composer template can be used for conditional checking. Starting from version 11.1, instead of inputting a fixed value when checking you can make use of wild character like * and ?. This allows you to do things like - "When certain property (e.g. name) of a model element begins with certain character (e.g. "UI"), show it in the report"

Supported retrieving "Referenced by" in Report Composer Template

You can relate model elements with the Reference feature. In version 11.1, Report Composer Template allows you to trace the model elements that reference a given model element, with the use of and .

Supported indication for abnormal Task Pools

You will see an alert symbol near the name of Task Pool, when something abormal is detected. For example, when a Task Pool has no opening task, but remain opened. By clicking on the alert symbol you will know what is going wrong.

Supported Ingres 10 in Hibernate ORM generation

We are ready for Ingres 10. You can design database with Ingres 10 database. You can synchronize between ERD and class diagram with datatype and attribute type correctly mapped and you can generate Java/.NET/PHP ORM code that is runnable.

Supported changing a shape's presentation to a custom image

You can change a shape's presentation to a user defined image. This was partially supported in some shapes. In version 11.1, this feature is extended to cover most shapes.

  • Allowed deleting the root node of Zachman Framework via Model Explorer
  • Avoided posting commenting twice in Tasifier
  • Avoided wireframe annotation moved into browser by sweeper/magnet
  • Automatically create associated actors when visualizing use case from Use Case List
  • Changed to use native file chooser for selecting image in wireframe image place-holder, on Mac
  • Disallowed adding PostMania viewer as project member when importing project to server
  • Increased due date field's width to make it visible on Mac (Tasifier)
  • Improved the handling of @Temporal for generated ORM code
  • Improved the performance of Project Publisher when try to publish a logical view
  • Made closed tasks not to appear when viewing overdue tasks
  • Not to list model element in Viewless Model Elements window if the model element contains subdiagram
  • Not to re-use project author from opened project
  • Refined the automatic scrolling behavior for comment pane in Tasifier
  • Refined the behavior of send and not to send inbox message, in Tasifier
  • Removed deprecated code for ORM code generation
  • Supported showing selected task's subject in page title of Tasifier
  • Supported IPolygon.setPoints(Point[]) in OpenAPI
  • Supported double clicking inside a wireframe table to create label
  • Supported creating new wireframe element by dragging a wireframe element with Alt key pressed
  • Supported Chinese content in wireframe
  • Supported deleting attachment in Tasifier
  • Supported showing member's name on tooltip in Tasifier
  • Supported deleting wireframe element via Edit menu
  • Supported friend operation in C++ code generation (Instant Generator)
  • Supported confirming task name by pressing Enter
  • Supported Use Case Note in Report Composer
  • Supported attaching multiple files in Tasifier
  • Supported clickable link in task details
  • Supported undo/redo in desktop wireframe's tree
  • Supported opening use case details by pressing Enter
  • Fixed broken link for SQLite .NET driver file
  • Fixed several undo/redo issues in wireframe
  • Fixed resizing Alert View in wireframe may cause containing label shows out of shape
  • Fixed documentation pane's search function not working in Viewer Edition
  • Fixed Use Case Detail's title not refresh upon the renaming of use case
  • Fixed Action Sheet pointer shows in bad location when creating Action Sheet from diagram toolbar
  • Fixed multiple undo required to remove a created BPMN lane
  • Fixed a ClearCase login issue
  • Fixed an IJ start-up issue wit IJ 13
  • Fixed a sequence message numbering issue
  • Fixed a menu containment issue in wireframe
  • Fixed unable to show user image in PostMania
  • Fixed Sub-process diagram de-associated after importing BPMN
  • Fixed sweeper moves shapes to far away
  • Fixed Ctrl-A failed to work in wireframe when the wireframe is opened from Flow of Events
  • Fixed unable to use Tasifier after switching from trunk to branch
  • Fixed Tasifier window no longer in max state after committing
  • Fixed empty Model Explorer when open an old revision in IJ integration
  • Fixed the New Diagram window in eclipse shows out of screen
  • Fixed undo creating return message cause part of the sequence message not rendered
  • Fixed wrong row is removed in wireframe list view
  • Fixed problem in C# Hibernate code generation regarding association classes
  • Fixed unable to play wireframe in IntelliJ IDEA (IDE integration)
  • Fixed unable to show the entire sub-task name in Tasifier
  • Fixed nickname does not work in report
  • Fixed unable to open Task Pool by URL
  • Fixed action's multiline caption cannot be shown in PostMania
  • Fixed 'Find' doesn't include the comment of diagrams in search scope
  • Fixed newly created task pool failed to appear in project task list of another client
  • Fixed wireframe label lost in child state after committing
  • Fixed a performance issue related to wireframe
  • Fixed bad resize handlers' positions of callout shape, when multi-selection
  • Fixed the setting of cover page in Report Composer doesn't follow Default page setup's setting
  • Fixed a project refactoring issue
  • Fixed bad image when publish project with hidden layer, with Project Publisher
  • Fixed bad font in Report Composer, when near the end of page
  • Fixed unable to create use case from term in glossary grid
  • Fixed inconsistent wireframe preview size
  • Fixed unable to add reference to documentation pane
  • Fixed incorrect font size for Flow of Events editor's default font
  • Fixed return type documentation lost when switch from HTML to Plain Text mode
  • Fixed inactive members listed in Tasifier
  • Fixed floating connector end after removing column in entity and synchronizing to class diagram
  • Fixed some lines in task details failed to appear
  • Fixed unable to open task if the member involved is newly set to inactive
  • Fixed URL not updated when open task from inbox of Tasifier
  • Fixed wrong shape background color when create shape via resource centric interface
  • Fixed unable to save the change of color in matrix (diagram)
  • Fixed deleted Teamwork Files still appear in PostMania
  • Fixed bad shape caption position when create shape at 140% zoom ratio
  • Fixed damaged ERD due to hidden columns in entity
  • Fixed caption moved after committing project to server
  • Fixed shape caption moved after switching nickname and refreshing report in Report Composer
  • Fixed unable to resolve a consecutive conflicts during commit
  • Fixed the diagram link become plain text when copying from Flow of Events to documentation
  • Fixed unable to commit project when there exists a diagram with very long name
  • Fixed unable to change font color for text in annotation
  • Fixed a connector problem when zoomed in BPD
  • Fixed task details wrongly overwritten by another task
  • Fixed a stability issue caused by rotated text box
  • Fixed inconsistent wireframe content in parent and child state
  • Fixed inaccurate connector end in process map diagram, caused by zooming
  • Fixed wireframe dialog failed to move properly following mouse pointer
  • Fixed unable to play a wav file linked to documentation
  • Fixed an ORM code generation issue related to the use of ORM component class
  • Fixed task details in multi-line wrongly pasted as single-line
  • Fixed potential application hang caused by auto save
  • Fixed undo and redo creating class causes association caption to disappear
  • Fixed wireframe changes made in branch not well merged to trunk
  • Fixed a stability issue related to wireframe and a teamwork operation
  • Fixed missing attributes in generated ORM mapping file
  • Fixed a project commit problem caused by the remapping of pool
  • Fixed a wrongly generated class name in build XML, from generated ORM code
  • Fixed logical view folder may be duplicated after committing project
  • Fixed "Paint Connector Through Label" option not working properly
  • Fixed unable to control the sizing of Animation Panel
  • Fixed removing assigned stereotype doesn't revert color back to default
  • Fixed a C++ code generation (Instant Generator) error
  • Fixed unable to create task in Tasifier, when in I.E.
  • Fixed re-checkout project cannot be committed in IDE integration
  • Fixed bad class shape size after showing attribute as association end
  • Fixed a parse error when reversing C++ files
  • Fixed part of the multi-line connector caption failed to appear in image in PostMania
  • Fixed "Same Width" failed to update a shape within a selection
  • Fixed default value not quoted in generated SQL
  • Fixed Java round-trip fail to reverse "try with resources"
  • Fixed C++ code generation wrongly generate public class on template (Instant Generator)
  • Fixed DDL file with inconsistent line ending
  • Fixed "Print Active Diagram" may not work when the active diagram is extremely large
  • Fixed unable to reverse C++ TypeDef
  • Fixed error creating sequence in generate database from ERD