Visual Paradigm for UML 8.2 Release Notes

Release Date: May 3, 2011

Automatic sequence diagram generation

For every use case, you can document all user's inputs and system responses using the flow of events editor, and generate a complete sequence diagram with just one click. This helps realize the interactions within use cases by mean of sequence diagram.

Model refactoring

Move project data (i.e. model elements/diagrams) from current to dependent project through model refactoring. This ease the sharing of common project data, improves readability as well as to reduce complexity of project.

Highlight glossary term

Glossary terms are highlighted in shape captions and documentations. You can click on a term to popup the glossary to read its definition.

Reuse glossary terms between projects

Define and manage glossary terms in a base project and reuse them in all depending projects.

Zachman Framework

Organize business processes, business rules and designs with Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework.

Business Motivation Model

Identify, capture and design organization motivation, vision, mission and strategy by industrial standard OMG Business Motivation Model (BMM).

Process statistic

Evaluate a business process in diagram and show the number of message flows, total process costs and total processing of hours of the process.

Configure diagram hotkey

Evaluate a business process in diagram and show the number of message flows, total process costs and total processing of hours of the process.

Import Visio ERD

Import your ERD drew in Microsoft Visio into VP-UML. After that, carry on with data modeling within VP-UML's ERD tool. Further to ERD editing, you can also export the resulting ERD to database or DDL.

  • Supported showing parent model as diagram node in Model Explorer
  • Supported Legend report template for chart diagram
  • Supported reversing "TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE" to User Type
  • Supported reversing Tablespace
  • Supported entering English letters in reorder message dialog box opened from communication diagram
  • Supported putting reversed entities to model in reverse database
  • Supported "Folder structure follow package" in C++ round-trip
  • Supported spell check suggestion for element name in grid
  • Supported configuring stereotypes for connectors in profile diagram
  • Supported global setting for package name placement
  • Supported multiple selection in 'Add Model Element' window
  • Supported copy-and-paste for combined fragment in sequence diagram
  • Supported panning in diagram editor when pressing and dragging on a shape/connector with mouse wheel
  • Supported reusing existing pool and actor in creation
  • Removed some redundant elements in Jump To drop down menu selection
  • Detect synonyms when reverse Oracle
  • Improved efficiency when using handi-selection in class diagram
  • Improved simulacian behavior for AND gateway
  • Improved the default positioning of connector caption in BPD
  • Improved report writer's performance
  • Improved performance for import Excel
  • Fixed performance issue in requirement diagram
  • Fixed broken connector produced by reverse engineering sequence diagram from Java through instant reverse
  • Fixed duplicating dependent project element to current project cause operation code detail lost
  • Fixed exported SVG image failed to show connector in some applications
  • Fixed unable to import connectors from VDX file
  • Fixed CRC card failed to save card size properly
  • Fixed 'convert to mirror' crash diagram editor
  • Fixed bad positioning of link arrow in communication diagram after moving lifeline
  • Fixed unable to click on diagram overview to open its specification in publisher outcome
  • Fixed 'update database' generate redundant statement
  • Fixed transit from logical ERD to physical ERD generate extra column in link entity
  • Fixed unable to add model element in custom text of editing report template
  • Fixed 'add existing diagram' in logical view does not allow adding report composer
  • Fixed several C++ round-trip bugs
  • Fixed dragging combined fragment twice cause inner fragment become non-child
  • Fixed unable to reverse !defined(_HEADER_A_) in C++ round-trip
  • Fixed parse error in C++ round-trip cause implementation being erased
  • Fixed export class (model element) to Excel not include parameter for operations
  • Fixed unable to print diagram due to invalid page setup
  • Fixed unable to set font size for list numbers in documentation
  • Fixed hide and show BPMN activities icon removes embedded subdiagram
  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception when importing XMI
  • Fixed inline editing lifeline cause dependent classifier lost
  • Fixed using magnet in sequence diagram cause operand labels move out of operand
  • Fixed incorrect page count in generated PDF report
  • Fixed crashing issue on 64-bit O/S
  • Fixed I.R. PHP not support namespace
  • Fixed incorrect operation being produced when duplicate operation via Model Explorer
  • Fixed detached combined fragment after several drag actions
  • Fixed unable to show operation's code body in report
  • Fixed generated Word report failed to include tab in header and footer