Newsletter November 2014
Dear users,

This month we would like to introduce our Visual Paradigm Project Viewer to you, which is a great tool to browse the content of a Visual Paradigm project file.

So, why do you need a Project Viewer? Well, there are many situations where a viewer is helpful. In your team, there may be members who do not take part in designing software and do not have a Visual Paradigm license. Yet, they may need to work based on the design blueprints. In such a case, they can view the design blueprints with the Project Viewer. Another use would be to allow business users who are external to your team to access the project content at no additional cost.

One great thing of Visual Paradigm Project Viewer is that it can work with VPository. If your team is using VPository, you can simply open the project files from VPository in Project Viewer. By performing an "update", the latest copy can then be obtained. The whole process is straight forward and trouble-free.

You can click here to download Project Viewer. Hope you enjoy and can benefit from it. As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions to us, we will value each of them.

Visual Paradigm
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