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Encompass your project management needs with PERT, implementation plan and maturity analysis.

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PERT, short for Project Evaluation and Review Technique, is a popular project management tool used to represent, schedule and coordinate tasks involved in a project. In a PERT chart, tasks are represented as a network of nodes. The direction of connectors among tasks indicate the sequence of tasks.

PERT Chart

Implementation Plan Diagram New

Implementation Plan is a project management tool that shows how a software project will evolve at a high level. When properly developed, an implementation plan ensures that development team are working to deliver works that meet the customers' needs in time.

Implementation Plan
Maturity Analysis

Maturity Analysis New

What is the capability level of your development team? Which part of your team requires strengthening or optimization? What is the focus areas that will support your development activities? With a maturity model, you can easily find answers to all these questions.

Capability assessment

Plot the capabilities of your team in the maturity chart and give them scores to indicate their maturity.

Gap identification

Clearly show the current level of maturity, the short-term target and long-term. Analyze the gap in between.

Capability grouped

Group similar capabilities into process areas. Identity the maturity of related capabilities without being distracted.

Documentation Cabinet New

Drag & drop and auto layout drawers in cabinet, or visually drop documents or references for further viewing and achieving in drawers - Documentation Cabinet provides a visual configurable repository for documentation taxonomy and color coding.

Documentation Cabinet

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