Page 14 - IT Project Management Framework - Initiation
P. 14

Major Management Milestones

                                               Activity                      Date                              Rationale

                                     Project Start                       01/05/2017            N/A

                                     Project Proposal Approval           01/25/2017            N/A

                                     Initiation Phase Start              02/01/2017            N/A

                                     Planning Phase Start                03/01/2017            Must secure the allocation of initial  resources

                                     Execution Phase Start               04/01/2017            N/A

                                     Deploy Solution                     06/01/2017            N/A

                                     Deploy Solution                     06/20/2017            N/A

                                    A list of project management milestones.

                                    Not the same as the products and services provided, but is specific to management of the

                                    A set of preliminary estimated milestones are developed during the project proposal. You
                                    can revise the list by editing the estimated date and adding more items.
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