Page 15 - Introduction to IT Project Management Framework
P. 15

Document Repository

                                                Project Management Repository

                                Project Management Docs                   Procurement Docs

 • The Documentation Repository is a    Identification                      Signed Contracts               • The information of your deliverables
    configurable documentation cabinet.                                                                       will be collected as you moved each
                                                                                                              step forward.
 • You can categorize documents
    with the style you like.             Initiation                          Purchase Orders               • When you mark a step, activity or
                                                                                                              phase complete, documentation will
 • You can add additional categories                                                                          be generated and deposit into the
    or remove a categories whenever it                                                                        cabinet under the right category.
    is desirable.                         Planning                         Statement of Work

                                    Execution and Control

                                                                                                For instances there are five drawers to hold the
                                                                                                documents produced by the five phases of project
                                                                                                management life cycle.

                                                                                                There are also drawers that stores the different
                                                                                                kinds of procurement documents such as contracts,
                                                                                                purchase orders and any statement of work.
                                                General Documents and Artifacts

                                     Policies               Standards               Procedures

                                Guidelines & Practices      References            Other Artifacts

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