Page 3 - Introduction to IT Project Management Framework
P. 3

IT Project Management Framework

       A set of concepts, methods and tools put together to help you:

         1        Manage Project Lifecycle

               • The journey of an IT project, from identifying the project, to project initiation, planning, execution, and
                  closeout,  phase-by-phase, step-by-step.

               • Throughout the lifecycle, activities will be performed to address the management needs of the project.

        2         Document Project

               • Documents will be produced as outputs of the lifecycle activities.

               • These documents must be managed, controlled and archived.

               • The framework provides the guidelines, templates and tools in developing these documents.

         3        Manage Project Documents and Artifacts

               • Come with a virtual repository that acts as a holding area of project documents and assets
               • Provide the team a centralized place for document retrieval.

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