Page 10 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Phase BCD
P. 10

Architecture Definition Overview

       In Phase B, C and D we will develop architectures for each of the three domains
                                                            Baseline Architecture                             Target Architecture

                                                            Business Architecture                             Business Architecture

                                                         Application         Data                         Application          Data
     Baseline architectures will be developed            Architecture     Architecture                    Architecture     Architecture
     to present the current situation.

                                                            Technology Architecture                          Technology Architecture
     While the desired outcome will be
     represented the target architecture.

     In between the baseline and target
     architecture is what we called the gap.
                                                                                          Gap Analysis

     A gap consists of items thathave been
     left out, or added.
                                                                                     Architecture Roadmap
     We have to perform a gap analysis in
     finding out the changes, which constitue
     the basis of requirements of changes

                                                                                        Mirgration Plan

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