Plug-in Sample

Last Modified: Jun 17, 2015

The following are five samples that show you how to create plug-in for different purpose. For more details about installing the plug-ins, please visit Chapter 3 - Deploying Plugin of Plug-in User's Guide.

Table of Contents

Singleton Class Creator

Added a menu "Singleton Class" in Class Diagram's toolbar for creating a Singleton class with attributes and operations automatically filled.

Viewless Element Reporter

Added a button "Plugin > Viewless Element Reporter" in toolbar for analyzing your project and exporting a report of elements without views (i.e. elements that have not been visualized in any diagram)

Generate Sample Sequence Diagram

Right click on the background of sequence diagram and generate the content via the menu "Generate Sample Diagram".

Create Communication Diagram

Select "Plugin > Generate Sample Communication Diagram" in toolbar to create a communication diagram with content.