Scrum Process Canvas

Scrum Process Canvas Read More

An one-page canvas that manages your entire scrum project - from backlog item management to product delivery.

Wireflow & Prototyping Tools

Wireflow & Prototyping Tools Read More

Visualize user interactions with a flowchart of wireframes. Define events and perform prototyping.


TOGAF ADM Guided Read More

All the EA tools and guidance you need in designing Enterprise Architecture and composing TOGAF deliverables. No prior-learning required.

Visual Paradigm Online

Visual Paradigm Online Read More

Online tools for collaborative diagramming, user story mapping, customer journey mapping and task management.

Product Backlog Management

Product Backlog Management Read More

Manage product backlog with User Story Map. Estimate effort with affinity table. Track sprint progress with scrum board and burndown chart.

Visual RESTful API Designer

Visual RESTful API Designer Read More

Design RESTful API graphically. Generate API in seconds - Swagger and API Blueprint formats.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping Read More

Gain integrated insights that help identify and implement customer-centric initiatives

Visual Modeling with UML Tools

Visual Modeling with UML Tools Read More

Create professional UML diagrams with an award-winning UML tool that supports latest UML 2.x diagrams and modeling features.

UX Design with Wireframes

UX Design with Wireframes Read More

Perform UX design with storyboard and wireframes. Save cost and time with powerful yet handy editing features.

ArchiMate 3

ArchiMate 3 Read More

The Open Group Certified ArchiMate Tool with support of ArchiMate 3 diagrams and viewpoints.

Just-in-Time Process Map

Just-in-Time Process Map Read More

Project Management and Enterprise Architecture with PMBOK and TOGAF process map, in an agile, just-in-time manner .

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System Modeling

System Modeling

Design software with UML, SysML, ERD, DFD and SoaML. Take advantage of the award-winning diagram editor. Create visual blueprints quickly and effortlessly.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF ADM. Compose ADM Deliverables. Model with ArchiMate 3 certified tool. Strategic planning with BMM.

Project Management

Project Management

Walk through PM Lifecycle with Process Guide-Through and Just-in-Time Process. Traditional ITSM and PMBOK-like templates are provided.

Agile User Story Mapping

Agile & Scrum

One-page scrum project management with Scrum Process Canvas. Manage backlog with story Map, affinity table, sprint backlog tool, scrum board and burndown.

CX & UX Design

User Experience Design

UX design with wireframes. Present screen flow with Wireflow flowchart, prototyping tool and storyboard. CX design with Customer Journey Map.

Process Modeling

Process Mapping

Visualize business processes with BPMN and business cases with CMMN. Perform As-is and To-be Process Transition. Keep business terminologies in a Glossary.

Web-Based Diagrams

Web-Based Diagrams

Enjoy easy editing & sharing of cloud-based diagrams: Flowchart, cloud architecture, charts, swot, value chain, infographics, venn and more.

Code & DB Engineering

Code & DB Engineering

Generate/update code & database from UML & ERD. Design and generate ORM and REST API - Swagger & API Blueprint. Reverse engineer ERD from DBMS.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Work collaboratively with cloud or self-hosted server. Enjoy task management, design publishing and communication, and more.

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