• User Story - More Than 3C

    User Story - More Than 3C

    Identify requirements as user stories. Manage with Sprint. Detail with 3C, Scenario editor and Storyboard. Read More

  • Process Modeling with BPMN

    Process Modeling with BPMN

    Visualize business processes with BPMN. Animate, and simulate the workflow. Read More

  • UML Modeling

    UML Modeling

    Design software system with UML 2.x diagrams and notations. Read More

  • Database Engineering

    Database Engineering

    Design database with ERD. build system with generated database and ORM (Hibernate). Read More

  • Storyboard


    Save cost and time. Perform UX design with storyboard and wireframes. Read More

  • TOGAF Process Navigator

    TOGAF Process Navigator

    Define Enterprise Architecture with the TOGAF ADM Process Navigator. Compose deliverables with ease. Read More

  • ArchiMate 3.0

    ArchiMate 3.0

    The Open Group certified ArchiMate product with support of ArchiMate 3.0 diagrams and viewpoints. Read More



    A series of colorful and creative booklets to help you get started with TOGAF quickly.Read More

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  • Agile Requirements

    Manage software development activities with User Story, Sprint, and Kanban Board. Ensure user experience with storyboard and wireframes.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF ADM. Compose ADM Deliverables. Model with ArchiMate 3.0, Zachman Framework, Business Motivation Model.

  • System Modeling

    Design software with UML, SysML, ERD, DFD and SoaML. Take advantage of the award-winning diagram editor. Create visual blueprints quickly and effortlessly.

  • Business Modeling

    Visualize business processes with BPMN and business cases with CMMN. Perform as-is and to-be Process Transition. Keep business terminologies in a Glossary.

  • UX Design

    Perform UX design. Draw screen mock-up with Wireframes, and present screen flow with Storyboard.

  • Team Collaboration

    Work collaboratively and concurrently. Keep revisions in cloud, or in a self-hosted server. Enjoy task management, design publishing and communication, and more.

  • Database Engineering

    Design and generate database with ERD. Revise engineer database design from a physical database, and patch changes.

  • Code Engineering

    UML to Code, Code to UML. Perform code generation and reversal. Over 10 programming languages are supported. You can also generate code for ORM and REST API.

  • Document Generation

    Generate complete, professional document in few clicks. Publish your project online and share the result with stakeholders.

Check out our Enterprise Architecture Booklets

  1. Introduction to TOGAF
  2. TOGAF - Preliminary Phase
  3. TOGAF - Introduction to Phase A
  4. TOGAF - Introduction to Phase BCD
  5. TOGAF - Introduction to Phase E

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