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Visual Paradigm Community Edition is a FREE UML drawing tool for you to create professional-look UML diagrams easily and quickly through its award-winning diagramming interface. Visual Paradigm Community Edition supports not only UML but also ERD and SysML. Students and UML beginners like to learn and practice UML and modeling skills with Visual Paradigm Community Edition. Open source and community groups use Visual Paradigm Community Edition to document their software projects and publish the output to their Web pages/blogs.

UML modeling

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a widely adopted standard for the development of software systems. Visual Paradigm Community Edition is a free UML software with complete UML supports. Here are some of supported diagrams:

Requirement diagram

Specify and analyze system requirements by drawing requirement diagram. You can document users' needs in detail plus define the way to test the requirements. You can also relate requirements with proper connectors.

Easy diagramming

Learn UML. Learn ERD. Learn SysML. Draw diagrams you have in your mind quickly and easily.

Add your own function by developing plug-in

Visual Paradigm Community Edition's extension mechanism allows you to add your own functions to Visual Paradigm by developing plug-in. With the API, you can query the model, such as to read, create, update and delete diagrams and model elements.

SysML modeling

SysML extends a subset of UML, making the language more software centric, catering the modeling needs for specifying, analyzing, designing, verifying and validating systems.

Entity relationship diagram (ERD)

Free ERD tool for you to design database quickly and easily.

Eclipse/NetBeans/IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio integration

Visual Paradigm Community Edition can run as a standalone UML tool or run inside an IDE. Visual Paradigm Community Edition supports running inside Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ and Visual Studio. Without leaving your IDE, you can review your software design described in UML.


FREE of Charge (For Non-Commercial Use Only)