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Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition is a UML modeler for software development teams to create professional-look UML diagrams and produce software specification through HTML, PDF and Word document production. Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition supports several popular modeling languages including UML, ERD and SysML. Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition supports concurrent modeling through team collaboration with various kinds of concurrent versioning system. Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition does pretty much everything the other expensive UML tools do but at a miniscule fraction of the cost.

  1. Define key project vocabularies

    In typical models, words like user, account, customer often appear as names of model elements or part of model elements' descriptions. What do they mean exactly? Are they all referring to the same thing or concept? We are aware that the meaning of words used in models may vary depending on the system domains. Defining keywords helps build a common understanding of vocabulary used within a project and among the team members and end users. Glossary in Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition is where you can add and define terms and phrases.

  2. UML modeling

    Model your software system with UML. Let UML helps you in designing your software system and communicating between team members.

  3. SysML modeling

    Suports your modeling needs for specifying, analyzing, designing, verifying and validating systems.

  4. Design review and commenting

    Modeling is not so much about what you want, but what is best for the user. For models like use case model, business process model and requirement model, user feedback is the precious ingredient you need to evolve towards a better end product. Therefore, a key for producing a product that favors usability is to maintain an efficient communication channel which allows end users to see your designs, give comments and raise questions regularly.

  5. Collaborative modeling

    Work as a team, and enjoy collaborative modeling with VPository.com, a cloud-based design repository. Team members can work concurrently and collaboratively, and enjoy the sharing and discussing of design on the Web.

  6. Requirement diagram

    Specify and analyze system requirements by drawing requirement diagram.

  7. Entity relationship diagram (ERD)

    Design database quickly and easily with professional-look ERD.

  8. Eclipse/NetBeans/IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio integration

    Run Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition as a standalone UML tool or run inside an IDE. Review software design described in UML without leaving your favorite IDE.

  9. Continue with Legacy

    Migrate to Visual Paradigm to enjoy easy modeling without re-developing the model from scratch. Visual Paradigm Modeler Edition supports importing a large number of other drawing and modeling tools.

  10. Easy diagramming

    Draw diagrams you have in your mind quickly and easily.

  11. Add your own function by developing plug-in

    Add your own functions to Visual Paradigm by developing plug-in. Read, create, update and delete diagrams and model elements via API.


Prices are provided in US dollars

Single Seat License

Unit Price $99.0
Unit price with 1 year maintenance $118.5
1 year maintenance cost 20% of unit price.

Floating License

Unit Price $128.5
Unit price with 1 year maintenance $154.0

The price of Floating License is calculated in 30% more of the single seat license.

To know more about floating license, please visit Floating License page at here.

Software Maintenance

Extend 1 year maintenance
Single Seat License $19.5
Floating License $25.5
All version upgrades of Visual Paradigm products are included as part of software maintenance. Customers are entitled to get all version upgrades within their software maintenance period.