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Visual Paradigm Standard Edition is a UML CASE Tool that assists software development teams in developing UML software models, documenting software specification and generating source code from implementation model. You can perform analysis and design with all kinds of UML diagrams. You can generate source code from implementation model, or reverse engineer class model from source files. Visual Paradigm Standard Edition also supports programming with database by generating database plus the ORM classes necessary in accessing database in object-oriented approach, through Hibernate. Visual Paradigm Standard Edition does pretty much everything the other expensive CASE tools do but at a miniscule fraction of the cost.

  1. Code engineering

    Perform round-trip engineering with Java and C++. Perform one-way code generation or reverse engineering with over 10 programming languages such as PHP, ODL, ActionScript, IDL, Delphi, Python, Ada, Ruby, C#, VB.NET, etc.

  2. Database engineering

    Generate database, patch database or produce full executable DDL from your ERD. Reverse engineer ERD from legacy database. Popular database engines such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Derby, Informix, Firebird, HSQL, DB2, Ingres, OpenEdge, FrontBase are supported.

  3. Document production

    Write your own document templates with customized layout and style. Develop document within Doc. Composer in ad-hoc manner. Export document to HTML, PDF or MS Word.

  4. Entity relationship diagram (ERD)

    Design database quickly and easily with professional-look ERD.

  5. UML and SysML modeling

    Model your software system with UML and SysML. Design your software system and communicate between team members.

  6. Hibernate friendly. SQL-less database programming

    Retrieve data without writing any SQLs or JDBC calls in your Java/.NET source code. Develop application in object-oriented approach, through the help of Hibernate. Keep class model and ERD synchronized and aligned.

  7. Requirement diagram

    Specify and analyze system requirements by drawing requirement diagram.

  8. Modeling toolset

    Visual Paradigm Standard Edition comes with a set of modeling tools to improve model quality and improve modeling efficiency by reducing re-work. Here are some of the modeling tools: Model refactoring allows you to move common project data to a reference project for model data sharing. Visual Diff helps identify differences between models. Nicknames allows you to define another language for your model.

  9. Eclipse/NetBeans/IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio integration

    Visual Paradigm Standard Edition can run as a standalone UML tool or run inside an IDE. Visual Paradigm Standard Edition supports running inside Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ and Visual Studio. Without leaving your IDE, you can review your software design described in UML, and perform code generation and code reversal within a single environment.

  10. Define key project vocabularies

    Build common understanding of vocabulary used within a project and among the team members and end users. Glossary in Visual Paradigm Standard Edition is where you can add and define terms and phrases.

  11. Easy diagramming

    Draw diagrams you have in your mind quickly and easily.

  12. Collaborative modeling

    Work as a team, and enjoy collaborative modeling with VPository.com, a cloud-based design repository. Team members can work concurrently and collaboratively, and enjoy the sharing and discussing of design on the Web.

  13. Design review and commenting

    User feedback is the precious ingredient you need to evolve towards a better end product. Therefore, a key for producing a product that favors usability is to maintain an efficient communication channel which allows end users to see your designs, give comments and raise questions regularly.

  14. Continue with Legacy

    Migrate to Visual Paradigm to enjoy easy modeling without re-developing the model from scratch. Visual Paradigm Standard Edition supports importing a large number of other drawing and modeling tools.


Prices are provided in US dollars

Single Seat License

Unit Price $299.0
Unit price with 1 year maintenance $358.5
1 year maintenance cost 20% of unit price.

Floating License

Unit Price $388.5
Unit price with 1 year maintenance $466.0

The price of Floating License is calculated in 30% more of the single seat license.

To know more about floating license, please visit Floating License page at here.

Software Maintenance

Extend 1 year maintenance
Single Seat License $59.5
Floating License $77.5
All version upgrades of Visual Paradigm products are included as part of software maintenance. Customers are entitled to get all version upgrades within their software maintenance period.


Prices are provided in US dollars

Customers can upgrade the existing edition to get more features and functionalities from your Visual Paradigm products.

From Edition Single Seat License Floating License
with existing maintenance without existing maintenance with existing maintenance without existing maintenance
Modeler Edition $240.0 $289.5 $312.0 $376.0

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