• Tasifier
    Realize use case by small tasks

    Manage My Tasks

    Tasks are streaming in endlessly, but your time is limited. To focus on a small and manageable amount of related works at a given time and devote to them with more attention will help save your time without sacrificing the quality of work. In Tasifier, tasks are by status listed in the New, To-Do and Pending Task List. By evaluating your own schedule and the complexity of task, you can move the task between the three lists freely. With this smart approach, both the tasks and your time are well-managed.

  • Tasifier
    Realize use case by small tasks

    Follow Task

    By following a task, you are kept informed on all activities of the task, even if it is not assigned to you. You will receive notification when a new comment is posted in the "following" task or when its status is changed. This is particularly useful when the completion of your task depends on the progress of another task responsible by your teammate.

  • Tasifier
    Realize use case by small tasks

    Task Pools

    Task Pool is a place where similar and/or related tasks are stored. You can group tasks by use case, by priority, by the iteration they are in or by whatever way you like. Tasks can be listed in the home page of Tasifier, based on the Task Pool they are in.

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Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server - Team-Based Collaboration Platform for Software Design

Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server (VP-TS) is a secured central repository to store your design diagrams and supplementary files. Development team members can access and work on the same design at the same time - work in parallel, no waiting/locking. The social networking features enable the discussion of design issues within the context of diagram. The web interface facilitates easy installation and administration.

VPository - Collaborative Visual Modeling Platform in the Cloud

1 GB FREE storage. No obligation and no credit card required.

Task Management

Plan and manage software development activities

Concurrent Modeling

Work together simultaneously. No locking. No waiting.

Diagram Commenting

Raise issues right in your diagrams. Discuss anytime, anywhere on the web.
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