UML Models for Describing System Interactions

Design and model system interaction with UML sequence diagram and communication diagram. Design and model dynamic behavior with activity diagram. Show critical state change with state machine diagram.

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Sequence diagram

Sequence diagram sample with keyboard control panelSequence diagram sample with keyboard control panel

Visualize interactions between users, systems and sub-systems over time through message passing between objects or roles. Draw one by using mouse only or with keyboard shortcuts.

Communication diagram

Communication diagramCommunication diagram

Capture the dynamic view of a system with UML communication diagram. Document the structural organization of message sending and receiving between objects. Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) supports grouping and ungrouping messages into single or multiple arrow heads for easier layouts.

Activity diagram

Activity diagramActivity diagram

Commonly used for elaborating use cases in use case diagrams. Use UML activity diagram, the flowchart-based diagram to show control flow between activities. Display concurrency, branch, control flow and object flow. Partition activity states by use of swimlanes.

State machine diagram

State machine diagramState machine diagram

State machine diagram is a critical design model of event-driven system. Model events and states of important objects or sub-systems can help improve the efficiency of development and maintain the software system.

Timing diagram

Timing diagramTiming diagram

Timing diagrams show time, event, space and signal for real-time and distributed systems.

Interaction overview diagram

A variant of activity diagram. Use interaction overview diagrams to get an overall picture of control flows.

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