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Project Management

       is one of those things that looks easy, until you try it.
       We work in a remote team and the collective knownledge doesn’t disseminate:

       1. Poor communication: 33% of respondents cite
       communication as their greatest challenge.                           Virtual Team - Project Management Challenges

       2. 14% report a difficulty in accessing the knowl-
       edge they need to succeed.

       3. Technical management: 14% say technical
       management is their biggest hurdle.

       4. Planning overhead: 12% have a difficult time


       5. Lack of training: 10% claim their team is not

       adequately trained.

       6. Cultural differences: 9% say overcoming
       cultural diversity is their team’s biggest challenge.                    Poor Communication            Lack of Expertise

                                                                                Planning Overhead             Lack of Training
       7. Team morale: 4% have trouble keeping their
                                                                                Team Morale                   Lack of Support
       spirits high.
                                                                                Technical Management          Cultural Differences

       8. Lack of support: 4% don’t feel encouraged in
       their work.
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