Page 4 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Phase E
P. 4

Major changes identified from Gap Analysis

        In phase B, C and D you’ve performed gap analysis.
        You know what components will be added, and removed, but there are still some questions we need to answer before you can go
        realizing the differences.

               Gap Analysis

                Front Office
                               CRM Data                            Gap Analysis
                                                                                       Home & Away Headquarters
                                          Legal Expense  customer data       Front Office        Homeowner’s & Travel Back Office
                     Web Portal
                                           CRM System
                                                                                   Web Portal       Home & Away
                 call report                                                                       Financial Application
                     Call Center          General CRM
                                                                                                    Home & Away
                     Application            System                                FO Web Hosting Server  Policy Application
                             call report                                                            Home & Away
                                                                                                   Policy Administration
                                                                                   General CRM Legal Expense
                                                                                    System  CRM System
                                              customer data                                     ArchiSurance General Purpose Server Cluster
                Back Office                                                                        Document Mnt.
                                                                                 FO General Purpose Server  System
                                                                                                  Docment Mnt. Back-up Server
                    Home & Away  Home & Away  Auto Insurance  Legal Expense  ArchiSurance    Home & Away
                     Financial     Policy     Application  Back-Office  Back Office            LAN
                     Application  Administration           System      Suite
                               document data   document data  document data  document data
                Shared Service Centre                                                    PRO-FIT Headquarters  Legally Yours Headquarters
                                                                                                              Legal Expense Back Office
                                                                                   PRO-FIT LAN
                     document data
                                                                             Auto Back Office  Shared Service Center  Legal Expense
                                                                                                                Back Office
                                         Document Management System                                              System
                                                                               Auto Insurance
                                                                                                System        Legal Expense General-Purpose
                                                                              Auto General-Purpose Server  Document Management Server
                 Both in Baseline and Target  Only in Plateau Baseline  Only in Plateau Target  ArchiSurance
                                                                                               Back Office
                                                                                            ArchiSurance Back-u Server Cluster
                                                                     Both in Baseline and Target  Only in Plateau Baseline  Only in Plateau Target
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