Page 9 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Phase E
P. 9

Implementation Factor Assessment

           Factor                     Description                                     Deduction

 • Need for training  Upgrade of server O/S  Upgrade the server machines to the latest  • Need for training
 • Update of various guidelines writen for old O/S   version of Linux                 • Update of various guidelines writen for old O/S

                       Need for training
                    • Problem statement
                         • You can identify the factors based on the problem statement, the business cases created, and
                    • Business cases
                            the gap identified.
                    • Gaps identified in previous phases
                         • New factors deduced by assessing a given factor. The new factor usually leads to a decision of
                            extra work, a reminder of problem awareness or further plan for communication
                         • By assessing the factors deduced, new factors can be found, constituting the actions or
                            changes needed to be taken to implement the target architecture.

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