Page 1 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Preliminary Phase
P. 1

Preliminary Phase

       Prepare the organization for enterprise architecture project

       Goals:                                                                                    Preliminary

       • Define and scope the enterprise

         You need to know which parts of an organization will be
         affected in the architecture to be developed, and how
         much they will be affected.
       • Define the Architecture Principles
         Define the architecture principles, which are the general rules
                                                                                     H                                 B
         and guidelines that govern the conduction of architecture

       • Setup Architecture Repository

         Throughout the ADM you will keep producing different                                  Requirements
                                                                               G                                              C
         kinds of documents, as a result of performing the steps in                             Management
         the phases. These documents can be stored and organized
         in an architecture repository. We will talk more about this
         later on in this video.

                                                                                      F                                D


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