Page 4 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Preliminary Phase
P. 4

Scope the Enterprise

       Basically there are four levels of impact.

       Core - units those who are most affected and achieve most value
       from the work.

       Soft - Those who will see change to their
       capability and work with core units but are
       otherwise not directly affected.
       Extended - Those units outside the
       scoped enterprise who will be affected
       in their own enterprise architecture.

       Communities - Those stakeholders who will be affected and who
       are in groups of communities. Typically the customers of an
       organization fall into this level of impact.

                                                                                                                   Level of impact:

       Stakeholders’ concern may be impacted by the project

       • A company is going to establish an enterprise architecture for anticipating requirement changes and business transformation.

       • We need to understand which company units are going to be impacted.
       • Besides, we have to indicate the level of impact.

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