Page 7 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Preliminary Phase
P. 7

Enterprise Maturity Assessment

       Before embarking the development of architecture, perform a        • We can make use of the chart to represent the level of
       maturity assessment to analyze your organization’s                    maturity in different stages.
       competency in particular area in turn assist you identify          • Obviously the red ring indicate the current maturity
       opportunities for improvement.
                                                                          • The green ring indicate the level of maturity we want to
                                                                             achieve in medium term
       We can use a popular maturity assessment tool for the analysis.
                                                                          • The blue ring indicate the long term goal.
       Say, we have defined 8 assessment factors. Each factor define a
       particular area of organization’s competency.

                                      IT                                                  Strategy

                      Documentation                                                               Methods

                              Communication                                             Organization             Current
                                                                                                                 Medium-term goal

                                                                                                                 Long-term goal
            In this example, the factor is about the maturity level of the IT function within the enterprise, whether IT system is in-placed, well documented, etc.
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