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Visual Paradigm Online Training Center provides a large collection of courses in UML, Object Oriented Technologies, MVC, BPMN, SysML and more.. Our online courses provide extensive practical knowledge and modeling techniques in the UML v2.2 using a pragmatic approach together with lots examples and case studies to illustrate the usage of our modeling tool. Our online courses can be simply accessed via the popular web browsers, no installation of software is needed. VP-UML Tool is also available for FREE for your practical work *

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Capture Business Process Modeling Workshop

Last Update: Aug 16, 2010

Capturing and visualizing the business process helps us to have full understanding to an organization's day-to-day operation. This helps us to collect the right requirements and build the right system. This workshop will teach you how to capture the right business process using Business Process Visual ARCHITECT.

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Requirements Capturing with BPMN and UML

Last Update: Jul 5, 2010

Right requirements are essential for building a quality system. The final product of system engineering is an executable system to support running of enterprise. Quality application here refer is NOT refer to how easy to use or how beautiful is the application but improvement of the enterprise in terms of time, resources usage or output.
Modern enterprise is they are working in highly collaborative way. Business processes in modern enterprise are driven by the work flow. This training course will discuss how to capture right requirements through the use BPMN and represent the requirements through UML.

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Testing Management with A3 Platform (Free)

Last Update: May 17, 2010

Software testing is an investigation on the quality of a piece of software. By perform testing, we can ensure the quality of the software system and its limitation. But perform testing with blind eyes only wasting resources and cannot yielded good result. A3 Platform is a project management platform support different activities in software development. In this training course we will talk about how to perform effective software testing through A3 Platform.

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Using Criteria in Hibernate

Last Update: Apr 30, 2010

Hibernate is designed to ease the life of developer by providing automatic transformation between relational data and runtime objects. But there is a trap developers may easily fall into, which make the application running extremely inefficient. Hibernate provide the criteria queries help to resolve this problem. This training course teaches you how to query database using criteria classes.

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Realize iterative and incremental software development (Free)

Last Update: Apr 15, 2010

The iterative and incremental development process is a modern approach and widely used in software development. It is designed to overcome the weaknesses of the traditional waterfall model. In iterative and incremental development process, the project is divided into difference phrases, and the development process is go in cyclic base, which is called an iteration. This training course will teach you what is be benefit of the iterative and incremental development process over the traditional waterfall model, also how to realize iterative and incremental development process through the use of project management platform - the A3 Platform.

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Business Process Simulation

Last Update: Mar 25, 2010

Business process modeling is a popular approach to model and document the activities and strategies of a business process. Instead of imagine the execution of the business process, you can simulate the execution with Business Process Visual ARCHITECT. Simulate the execution of business process allows you have better understanding of the business process, identify bottlenecks, enhance and fine tune your business process, also having quantitative comparison between your enhancements.

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