Page 5 - IT Project Management Framework - Execution and Control
P. 5

Conduct Kick-off Meeting

                                                                 1      Communicate project status to stakeholders

                                                                2       Document the items procured and keep records for any

                                                                        procurement documents

                                                                 3      Track and manage the project issues and risks identified

                                                                4       Execute change management process for each of the change
                                                                        requests initiated.

                                                                5       Perform acceptance testing with user and to obtain a formal

                                                                        acceptance sign-off, signifying that the project has met the
                                                                        objectives and requirements.

                                               These activities may run in parallel and are not necessarily in a linear fashion.

                                               For activities like Conduct Project Change Management, they may occur multiple times, or
                                               may not occur at all.

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