Page 10 - IT Project Management Framework - Execution and Control
P. 10

Status Report

                       Project status oversees the progress of the whole project. It consists of the parts below:

                       • Project status summary, which highlights anything specific which should be brought to attention.
                          It should be at high level so it should not get too much into the details of the project.

                       • Weekly accomplishment, which provides a highlight of work performed and milestones and/or
                          deliverables met during the past week.
                       • Upcoming activities, which provide an overview of the work to be performed/completed in next
                          week and any upcoming milestones or deliverables required to be satisfied.

                       • Open issues, list the unsolved issues along with their status.

                       • Open risks, list the risks which have occurred, or are on the verge of occurring.

                       The second part of the status report focuses on reporting the status of individual deliverable, which involves:

                       • Forecasted time of completion. Although there’s a planned time of completion for each deliverable,
                          it’s quite likely that the final product will be delivered earlier or later than the planned time, due to
                          different un-predictable factors. The forecasted time of completion is an estimation made and
                          updated based on the latest situations.

                       • Status, which is a description of the status of completion of the deliverable.

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