Page 6 - IT Project Management Framework - Execution and Control
P. 6

Conduct Execution Kick-off Meeting


                              Introduction of participants

                              Articulate the duration of phase

                              Inform the team of expectations

                              Discuss Communication Plan

                              Discuss how issues and conflicts should be handled (define an
                              escalation process if necessary)

                              Discuss the working style

                              Remind the team of any policies, regulations and security
                              considerations that have to be aware of
                              Describe project resources and how to access them

                              Q & A

               • Before the team execute any project tasks, a kick-off meeting will be conducted with all
                   the paicipants of this phase.

               • The meeting focuses project team on the project tasks by re-informing them of the scope
                  and targets of this phase, and this project.

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