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Introduction to Phase A

       Architecture Vision: Set and confirm the expectations for an enterprise architecture project

       Goals:                                                                                    Preliminary

       • Develop Architecture Vision

         The main goal of phase A is to set and confirm the expectations for an enterprise
         architecture project. You need to build consensus with the sponsoring organization and
         gain their approvals before you can continue to subsequent phases.

       • Define Stakeholders                                                                          A

         You need to identify the key stakeholders and their concerns,
         and define the key requirements to be addressed.                            H                                 B

       • Create Communications Plan
         Effective communication to the stakeholders at the right time is a
         critical success factor for enterprise architecture. Development of a
         Communications Plan for architecture allows for this communication    G                Management                    C
         to be carried out within a planned and managed process.

       • Perform Capability Assessment

         It’s valuable to understand the capabilities of a business, their level of
         maturity and the gap between the current and the desired level of maturity.
                                                                                      F                                D
       • Create the Statement of Architecture
         defines the scope and approach that will be used to complete an architec-
         ture development cycle. In the preliminary phase the Request for Architec-
         ture Work was issued from the Sponsoring Organization. In phase A, you
         have to submit a statement of architecture work and secure the approval.
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