Page 6 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Phase A
P. 6

Describe the Kind and Level of Involvement

          Stakeholder         Key Concerns                                 Class                    Deliverables

                              • High-level business drivers, goals, and    Keep Informed


      Enterprise Architects

                                                    Keep Satisfied            Key Players

                                                    Minimal Effort          Keep Informed

                                                                Level of Interest

       Describe the kind and level of involvement for each stakeholder by specifying their classes:

       • Some of the stakeholders may have the power either to block or advance. Some may be interested in knowing what’s going on;
          others may not be so interested.
       • By stating the class, the team can easily see which stakeholders have the power and the authority to request changes or to stop any
          initiatives, and which stakeholders are likely to support the initiative.

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