FREE AWS Architecture Diagram Plugin

IT professionals who use Amazon Web Services can create great AWS Architecture diagrams with our FREE AWS Architecture diagram plugin. The AWS extension provides you with full set of AWS icons that can be used in your AWS Architecture design. You can also connect those AWS icons with traditional UML shapes like nodes, components and artifacts in UML deployment diagram for better representation of ideas.

  1. Sample AWS Architecture Diagram
  2. Sample AWS Architecture Diagram - SunPower AWS Architecture Diagram
  1. Add reference to external artifacts

    Add file or URL references to AWS icons. Access the references easily through the shortcut icons (known as resource icons)

  2. Integrate your design with UML

    We support UML, BPMN, SoaML, etc. You can design software system with all the supported modeling standards in one modeling tool, and to integrate Architecture diagrams with standard UML/SoaML notations.

How does the AWS plugin works?

  1. Download the AWS Architecture diagram plugin.
  2. Create a folder 'plugins' under the installation directory of Visual Paradigm. Make sure that the letter 's' is included in folder name.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file to the plugins folder. You should have the following folder structure:
    Visual Paradigm 12.2\plugins\\classes
    or the following if you are using InstallFree:
    Visual Paradigm 12.2\Application\plugins\\classes
  4. Restart Visual Paradigm
  5. Create a Deployment Diagram. Select Diagram > New from the toolbar. In the New Diagram window, select Deployment Diagram and click Next, and then OK to confirm.
  6. You should see the AWS icons appear in the diagram toolbar. Time to build your great AWS Architecture diagram. Enjoy!

More about plugin development

Our API enables you to add your own features into Visual Paradigm, or easily interface your software solutions to our editing environment. Here is a list of things that you can do with it:

  1. Customization of user interface (e.g. add toolbar buttons and menus)
  2. Add features (e.g. a single click to generate the shapes you want)
  3. Design with custom shapes and notations
  4. Access the entire model - create/edit/delete diagrams and model elements

You can do pretty much everything you can do via GUI, with our API. If you are interested in developing your own plugin, check the Plugin User's Guide, API and sample in our documents page. By the way, the source files of the AWS Architecture diagram plugin is bundled with the plugin. You can develop your own plugin with that as reference. Enjoy!

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