What is Visual Paradigm?

  1. Effective IT System Design, with UML & ERD

    Visual Paradigm features all the UML diagrams and ERD tools essentially in system and database design. Innovative modeling tools like Resource Catalog, Transitor and Nicknamer makes system modeling easy and cost-effective. Doc. Composer lets you produce detailed design specification ready to use in discussion with just a few clicks. Take a deeper look at Visual Paradigm, and you'll know why we're your right choice.

  2. Users' Needs Are Fundamental

    User story is a proven technique to capture and maintain user needs. With our UeXceler tool, you can write user stories and manage them with use cases, sprint and tags. All these can be done within Visual Paradigm, the design environment and on the web, anytime, anywhere.

  3. Don't Just Tell Them, Show Them

    "A picture is worth a thousand words." The wireframe and storyboard tools provide an effective way for the end users to preview the system, give comments and confirm requirements, all in requirements capturing phase. Wireframe and storyboard also help developers to design screens and implement system interactions.

  4. Inquire Process, Initiate Changes, Improve Workflow

    Inquire the process visually using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) tool. Analyze the current (as-is) process then initiate changes for forthcoming (to-be) process. Animations are always more interesting than static images. That's why Visual Paradigm offer a Business Process Animation feature for you to turn static business process design into engaging business process movies.

  5. Staying in Sync and Easy to Share

    VPository provides a central repository for your team to synchronize and keep revisions history along with all your designs and files. PostMania allows stakeholders to comment on your design without the hassle of emailing back and forth.

    VPository is also available as a self-hosted (on-premise) solution

  6. Discover the Best Fit for Your Needs

      Professional Standard Modeler
    UML & SysML available available available
    BPMN available available available
    Basic Agile Toolset - User Story 3C's & Sprint available available available
    Kanban Board available available available
    Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) available available available
    Data Flow Diagram (DFD) available available available
    Business Modeling available available available
    Team Collaboration available available available
    Task Management available available available
    Glossary Management available available available
    Document Generation available available
    Project Publisher available available
    Code Engineering (Java, C++, C#, PHP, XSD, etc) available available
    Reverse Java Code Logic to Sequence Diagram available available
    Database Generation & Reversal available available
    Hibernate (ORM) available available
    REST API Design and Code Generation available available
    CRUD and RACI Chart available available
    Mind Mapping available available
    Advanced Model Management available available
    User Story Scenario available
    Scenario-Based Wireframing available
    Add Design Diagrams to User Stories available
    Requirement Specification Generation available
    UX Design with Wireframe available
    Storyboard Editor and Player available
    Impact Analysis available
    Matrix available
    Business Rules Management available
    Decision Table available
    Process Animation available
    CMMN available
    SoaML available