What's New in Visual Paradigm

Latest release: 17.0 (Aug 01, 2022)

Teamwork Enhancements

Usability enhancements for team projects

Version 17.0 comes with an improved usability that focuses on making team work easier and faster. Various new features and critical changes are made to the features below:

  • Model searching
  • Better way to manage the deployment of plug-in
  • Teamwork Server - Administration features
  • Project creation

Let's take a look.

Huge usability boost for Enterprise Model Finder

The Enterprise Model Finder allows you to find model elements from within team projects quickly. Version 17.0 comes with a number of major changes that make the searching of data faster and the result easier to understand.

  • Revamped layout: Results are displayed tidily in a table
  • Expand search result progressively
  • Search only the project(s) you interested with the new search scope feature
  • Filter the model type you interested
Enhanced Enterprise Model Finder

Manage the rollout of plug-ins with Visual Paradigm Server

Visual Paradigm supports a powerful API that allows you to add custom functionality by writing plug-ins. In version 17.0, project teams can manage the roll-out of plug-in by using Visual Paradigm Server. The changes are summarized below:

  • Supported uploading custom plug-in to Visual Paradigm Server.
  • Users can connect to the server to install plug-ins.
Plugins management

Project template - Get a head start on your work

Lets team members create a project by choosing a project template stored in your Visual Paradigm Server workspace.

Unlike starting a project from scratch, a project template gives you the initial data you need to get started. Depending on the nature of your projects, your project templates could include corporate workflows, guidelines, glossary, and more. A project template simply allows you to get a head start on your work. Here are the benefits of start a project with a template:

  • Save time and effort that might otherwise be lost in creating repetitive project content.
  • Establish common project bases for different users or teams to work on with
  • Build consistency between similar projects.
Project template

Manage team projects with folders

Keep your teamwork projects directory organized using folders. In version 17.0, both the server and client are enhanced to improve the use and visualization of folders. Here is a list of actions you can perform:

  • Create new project in a specific folder
  • Open, switch and browse project through a project folder tree
Manage team projects with folders

Enhanced VP Server report and log

The VP Server report is enhanced to present more information and in a more reader-friendly manner. Here are the changes:

  • Information added: The member by which a project is deleted
  • Information added: The date/time of the deletion of a project
  • Use a separate worksheet to display the log related to project deletion
Enhanced VP Server report and log

Visual Paradigm support for Apple M1

Apple announced the availability of new Mac devices based on a custom architecture known as Apple M1. We are pleased to announce support for Apple M1 computers in Visual Paradigm releases starting with version 17.0. Its code has been optimized for M1 Macs, while remaining fully compatible with Intel-based Apple computers.

Visual Paradigm support for Apple M1

SysML enhancements

The following changes are made to the SysML modeling tools:

  • Supported showing inherit receptions
  • Supported defining OpaqueAction
  • Supported the display of Quantity kind on value type
  • Supported showing symbol and unit with the value type used
  • Supported the creation of few more types of transition effects (UML Activity)
  • Several enhancements on State Machine Diagram (related to SysML)
SysML enhancements

Layer based diagram comparison

The Visual Diff feature helps you compare two diagrams by showing their differences in a visual way. If you have ever created separate layers to organize the content of diagrams, you may find Visual Paradigm 17.0 useful because you can now narrow down the comparison to a specific layer in the diagram. This allows you to focus on specific kinds of data without being tied to changes that are not of interest.

Visual Diff - Compare a specific layer of two diagrams

New online diagrams: 3 breakdown structure chart

Three new breakdown structure charts are introduced in version 17.0:

  • Resource breakdown structure: a list of resources needed to deliver a project, presented in a structured manner
  • Risk breakdown structure: Breaks down project risks starting with higher-level categories and continuing down into sub-levels of risk
  • Functional decomposition diagram: Visualize the whole function or project along with all of the necessary sub-tasks needed to complete it.
Show/hide call message return type

New online diagrams: Functional Flow Block Diagram

Functional Flow Block Diagram (FFBD) is a flow chart of a system's functional flow. While FFBDs primarily focus on sequencing, it also expresses input and output data dependencies between functional blocks.

Hexagonal Architecture Diagram

Enhancements for ArchiMate editor

Two enhancements are made to our ArchiMate modeling tool:

  • Project level presentation options for ArchiMate shapes (box vs symbol)
  • Symbols are grouped by domains. These groups can be expanded and collapsed, so that you can focus on modeling with symbols from a particular domain without being side tracked by other symbols.
Enhancements for ArchiMate editor

Doc. Composer enhancements

Here are some of the highlighted changes made for Doc. Composer in version 17.0:

  • Supported setting height for <TableRow>
  • Supported apply margin-bottom on description property.
  • Supported displaying the number of elements/diagrams created/updated/deleted in the selected revision range.
Doc. Composer enhancements

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