Hibernate Designer, Database Designer and Code Generator

Hibernate persistent framework is a well-established standard for automating the save and loading of Java objects to databases. However, developing and maintaining large scale Hibernate projects (e.g. 100+ classes) is a tedious & challenging task. Visual Paradigm provides UML editor and database designer for software team to design and generate Hibernate for class diagrams in a efficient manner.

  1. Step 1 - Design persistent structure

    Draw the persistent object model with UML class diagram.

  2. Step 2 - Generate entity relationship diagram (ERD)

    Generate a complete ERD from your class diagram through the diagram synchronization feature.

  3. Step 3 - Generate database schema

    Generate DDL file from your database design, or optionally execute the create/update/drop statements on your database.

  4. Step 4 - Generate Java code and Hibernate mapping

    Java code and Hibernate mapping are generated from your object model.

  5. Step 5 - Programming with generated Java Code

    Program your application with the generated code and Hibernate mapping. Test drive your application by accessing the database generated earlier.

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