Full-Featured UML Tool

Support all UML diagrams

Support all UML diagrams

Well-covered under an umbrella for all latest UML notations and UML diagrams. Draw use case diagram for functional modeling. Draw class diagram and composite structure diagram for static modeling and object diagram for visualizing runtime instances. Model system interactions with sequence diagram and activity diagram. Model system structure with component diagram and deployment diagram.

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  • Easy to pick-up

    Easy to pick-up

    The only constant is change. Embrace it with an easy-to-pick-up UML diagramming tools like Resource Catalog, sweeper and magnet, quick layout, etc

  • Run on major platforms

    Run on major platforms

    Team members harvest across platforms yet converge on a UML modeling tool.

  • Accommodating outputs

    Accommodating outputs

    Export your system design an array of formats like document (Word/HTML/PDF) and images (PNG/JPG/SVG). Be seen without the tool.

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