Page 12 - IT Project Management Framework - Execution and Control
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Risks and Issues Tracking

       • The Risk Register is a log of all identified risks.

       • It shows the probability and impact of the risks to the project, mitigation strategy, and when the risk is estimated to occur.

       • The document was developed in the Planning phase, and keep updated throughout the Execution and Control phase with the risks
          identified during the execution of project activities.
       • The duration, which is the number of days between start and end date. And, The person who are responsible for this task.

       • And, the person who are responsible for this task.

                                                                                                       Risk Register

       • Affected Work Packages
          Which are the work packages that will be affected if the risk occurs.

       • Probability
          The chance that a risk will occur, on a scale from 0 to 10.

       • Impact
          The impact of the risk on the project, again, scale from 0 to 10.

       • Risk Score
          A number that determines the severity of risk, obtained by multiplying the value of probability and impact.

       • Risk Management Approach/Mitigation Actions
          The action to take to resolve or mitigate the risks.

       • Early Warning Signs/Trigger
          Something which indicates that a risk is about to occur or has already occurred.
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