Page 13 - IT Project Management Framework - Execution and Control
P. 13

Risks and Issues Tracking

       • An issue log is used to track, document, and report issues that are identified during project execution. It consists of the elements

 • The document was developed in the Planning phase, and keep updated throughout the Execution and Control phase with the risks
    identified during the execution of project activities.       Risk Register

       • Affected Work Packages
          Which are work packages affected by the issue, or the source of issue.

       • Urgency
          The urgency of getting the issue resolved.

       • Resolution
          The action taken to address and resolve the issue.

       • Status
          The status of issue. Typical status include New, Open, In Progress, Fixed, Resolved and Won’t Fix.

       • Reported Date
          The date the issue was reported.

       • Close Date
       The date the issue was closed.
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