Page 10 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Introduction
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Visual Paradigm Enterprise

       One-stop-shop solution for your team

                                                                                                  AGILE DEVELOPMENT
                                                BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION
                                                                                               Ensures both enterprise architects and
                                                   TOGAF's Architecture Development
                                                                                                 agile teams can work together by
                                                    Method (ADM) open standards for
                                                                                               striking the right balance between the
                                                  achieving organization improvements
                                                                                                  solid bone and the agile muscle.
                                                           and transformation.
       A clear picture of where you are and
         where you want to be so that it's
         easier to understand how best to
                respond to change.

                                                                                                   PROJECT COLLABORATION

                                                                                                    Process modeling tool empowered
                                                                                                        with teamwork and project
                                                                                                          management capability.

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