Page 8 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Introduction
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Visual Paradigm Enterprise will Help You!

       Jumpstart the EA process with least cost, time &   ...

                     Your Problems                                                                  Our Solution

             Hard to learn and master EA?                                           Step-by-step actionable process guide through

             A lot of references, terminologies, standards,                           Embedded instructions, samples, case study in
             steps, models and etc.                                                                         each development step

                                                                                    Automatically create, reuse and generally by the
             Hard to find deliverables, samples and templates
                                                                                                             Deliverable Composer

             Too many member need to be involved and                                       Facilitate teamwork, version control, task
             participating                                                                                    management and etc.

                                                                                      Viewpoints support with Shape legend, all you
             So many Artifacts and diagrams to be used and
                                                                                             need is common sense for creating and
                                                                                                           understanding a diagram

                                                                                      Award-winning one-stop-shop solution for EA
             Need to high training costs, time committed and
                                                                                      for less then the fee of a 4-day TOGAF Training
             possibly hire certified professional

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