Page 7 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Introduction
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You’ll love Visual Paradigm Enterprise

       if you think EA is hard   ...
                                                              Time & Cost for EA is High

                                                              • TOGAF courses to understand the process
                                                              • ArchiMate course to understand notations and visual models
                                                              • A large budget for staff training
                                                              • Hire a TOGAF and ArchiMate a certified professional is high

              JumpStart EA, TOGAF and Archimate is hard

              • Even I have attend a few courses, I don’t know how to get it started
              • I need to huge amount of references from time to time
              • The course attend didn’t even mention how to develop the deliverables.
              • I get lost in the complete phase, steps, inputs and outputs, I don’t know
              • what to do next  in the middle?

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