Page 4 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Introduction
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You’ll love Visual Paradigm Enterprise

       if your enterprise come across ...

       Inconsistency of business goal

       Our business managers seldom communicate with IT
       managers and, vice versa. Due to the absence of
       Communication Bridge between business and IT managers,
       their business goals  and the IT initiatives are fundamentally
       inconsistent and misaligned.

                                                 Ignorant of expertise of the other side

                                                 Our business and IT managers are not willing
                                                 to touch the area of expertise which is not
                                                 belonging to them. There are no
                                                 opportunities for cross-functional
                                                 training of IT skill. Job transfers between
                                                 IT and business do not occur. Tasks can
                                                 only be performed by dedicated personnel,
                                                 and resulting in high turnover.

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