Page 14 - Visual Paradigm Enterprise Architecture Phase A
P. 14

Identify High Level Requirements

                  Customers Choose our
                 Competitors that Provide                                            High Personnel Costs
                Digital Customer Experiences
                                             Revenue                Costs

                  Customers Choose our                                                High Application
                  Competitors with Lower
                     Premium Costs                                                    Maintenance Costs
                                          Increase Revenue        Reduce Costs

                   Improve Customer                                Reduce
                                         Increase Market Share                       Reduce Personnel Costs
                      Retention                                 Maintenance Costs

                   Provide Competitive
                                                                   Introduce the Common Use of Applications
                    Premium Services

                                                                                        Requirement is defined as a statement of
                     Integrate with                                                     need that must be realized by capability,
                     Smart Device
                                                                                        a system or application components.

                    Improve Customer Interaction with Collected Data

          Support for Smart     Utilize the Insights               Maintain           Establish a Shared Back
          Device Integration  of Customer Behaviors             CRM Data Centrally    Office for All Products

          Digital Customer                                                 Support for Policy    Support for Financial
                               Data Driven Insurance
           Management                                                       Administration          Transactions
                                                                                                                       Application Service
                                                               CRC Data        Policy
       Business goal must be realized by a plan or concrete change                                Financial Services
                                                               Access    Administration Services
       goal, which may or may not require a new system or                                                                 Application
       changes to an existing system.                                                                                     Component
                                                            General CRM               ArchiSurance Back
                                                              System                    Office Suite
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