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Powerful UML tools in a multi-purpose modeling software

Need a UML Tool for different stakeholders?

Different people in the software development team play different role in projects and they also need to communicate with end users and product owner as well. Visual Paradigm enables development teams to streamline the entire software development process collaboratively with traceable UML diagrams and models either for large scale or agile projects. With Visual Paradigm your team can simply use visual paradigm for diagramming in ad-hoc manner, or as a central part that seamlessly linked with Scrum and backlog management, EA, and/or project management process, term and glossary, team work and task management, code and database modeling, report generation and many more!

Visual Paradigm is a comprehensive UML Tools

All the features you need for Agile or Enterprise Application Development

Award-winning modeling tool

    Support huge set of modeling languages:

  • Latest UML 2.x standards and diagrams

    Other Complementary modeling languages:

  • ERD, DFD, Mind Map
  • Textual Analysis, CRC and many more…

    Code Engineering:

  • Code Engineering for popular languages such as C++, Java…
  • UML with Data modeling using ORM and hibernate framework
  • Class diagram for REST API using SWAGGER

    Report Generation and Design:

  • Automatic Report Generation for HTML and PDF
  • Custom Report Generation

Advanced system modeling

  • Unique STEP support step-by-step guide-through processes such as, Use Case 2.0, DFD analysis and etc.
  • Extract information which is scatter in diagrams or popups into tabular format using unique ETL technology.
  • Project Management modeling such as PERT, GANNT, Work Breakdown Structure, Implementation Roadmap, business concept diagram
  • Perform Visual Diff to compare and reasoning about the different between models
  • Perform impact analysis for model evolution and modification using Analysis Data
  • Attach additional information and extend models or diagrams with ETL or data tables

UML modeling collaboratively

  • Manage changes and versioning for development teams
  • Collaborate, comments and compare visual modeling online with Postmania
  • Interlink UML models with sub-diagrams, Model Transitors, team and glossary
  • Interlink use case with UX toolset such as wireframes, wire flowchart
  • Link UML with Scrum, EA, and project management processes
  • Manage use cases, scenarios or user stories through product and sprint backlog and user story map
  • Flexibly design and layout repository structure for UML artifacts with File Cabinet
  • Host corporate UML Models and project for your team over the cloud or on premises

Remarks: Desktop editions bundled with corresponding Visual Paradigm online package FREE as a bonus for those under valid maintenance contract.

Incredible Features and Affordable Price

Visual Paradigm Doc. Composer TOGAF ADM by Visual Paradigm
  • Easy to use with element connection validity using Resource Catalog.
  • Wide range of edition for all you needs for different stakeholders who plays different role.
  • Multiple Major IT award winners that trusted by millions of user, government & NGO, blue-chips and universities.
  • Easy to use & cross-platform - Windows, Linux, Mac all ready.
  • Active User Forum, User Community Circle for free tutorials & examples, technical knowhow blog.
  • Desktop editions bundled with corresponding Visual Paradigm online package FREE as a bonus.
  • One-stop-shop seamless integrated solution from EA, PM to Scrum and visual modeling.
  • Flexibly embedded and keep track your design team work in the lifecycle process such as sprints board, task manager or teamwork server.
  • Diagrams and models are well integrated together with product and sprint backlog

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We are trusted by over 320,000 people in companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies, universities and government units.

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