Generate Sequence Diagram from Java

Instantly generate UML sequence diagram from your Java code

Finding source code complex and hard to be comprehended? Produce a Sequence Diagram from your Java code is the solution. By visualizing the dynamic behavior of your source code into a UML Sequence Diagram helps you understand system logics among components of classes, and thus, revealing the classes involve as well as their relationship in run time. Visual Paradigm enables you to reverse your Java source code into UML Sequence Diagram. This excellent feature is particularly great for reversing legacy source code into UML documents for system extension or modifications.

Sequence Diagram Generated from Code

Easy Automated Sequence Diagram Generation

Fast, Quick and Easy Instant Reverse

  • Instant reverse method or operation of a class to sequence diagram in just a few clicks
  • Incrementally drill-down for deeper level of nested methods to be generated into more detailed sequence diagram

Super Easy Sequence Diagram Editing Capability

  • Fast diagram creation and syntax or connection validity with Resource Catalog
  • Easy and powerful editing capabilities such as, Sweeper, Magnet, mouse gesture…
  • Auto methods completion
  • Auto lifeline coverage zone detection for frame

Seamlessly integrated with Great Agile toolset

  • Provide integration for major Java IDEs such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbeans
  • Complementary modeling diagram toolset: Full UML, BPMN, ERD, DFD, Mind Map and many more!
  • Auto Report generation and custom report designer

Key features and benefits

Resource Catalog Tool Sweeper in Sequence Diagram
  • International IT award winning UML product that trusted by over a million of users, government units and universities and IT consultants
  • Cross Platform and excellent performance
  • All-in-one one-stop-shop solution that provides all you need modeling capabilities for software and agile project development
  • Task, Team Editing, and change management with desktop client or over the cloud
  • Other powerful java code engineering features such as round-trip code engineering, automated ORM, hibernate framework for databases, REST API code generation using Swagger

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We are trusted by over 320,000 people in companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies, universities and government units.

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